We’ve maintained our customer relationships for years, many of which are with companies at the top of their industries,


because of our commitment to their success. Trust in our flexibility, reliability and accountability to provide a true transportation partnership.


It’s not just about the pick up and drop off, it’s about our relationship with you and the understanding we have of the load we’re carrying.

With expansive terminals, maintenance facilities and trucks strategically located throughout the country, we have the ability to respond quickly and service even the impossible deadline. No job is too big or too small for our team.


In addition, because of the depth of our capabilities and our ability to customize our services, we can offer straight transporting, from Point A to Point B, or we can be your complete logistics outsourcing solution, saving you money and hassle in the process.




It is our privilege to provide you turnkey transport solutions when you need it.

Owning the finest fleet of late model trucks on the road, equipped with the latest technology advancements and driven by dedicated company employed drivers, ensures our customers the most reliable and efficient transport experience, every time. We have over 600 trucks and 850 trailers to get the job done, at the highest standards, on time and within budget.




The importance of on-time delivery cannot be understated.

Our GPS fleet-management system by Qualcomm allows us to set tight schedules and ensure accountability for every shipment. Our system tells us on live-action screens where every truck is, from pick up through delivery, 24 hours a day. We provide accurate updates on a regular basis to our customers on the progress of their shipments


With award winning driving excellence since 1980,

we are more than just your hauler –

we become your partner!



Dillon strives to streamline the transportation of natural resources for oil companies, private contractors and other-end users by providing the size, flexibility, efficiency, safety and reliability of a large full-service fleet. Our blueprint for complete well site services has been so successful that it has quickly expanded and is in high demand.We are actively working in Colorado, Texas and Ohio. Our fleet employs day cabs and sleeper cabs to ensure capabilities for any move.


Fleet Features –

  • Frac tanks
  • Crude trailers
  • Vacuum tanks
  • Pneumatic sand trailers
  • Mud pumps


This is our legacy business started in 1980 with one truck. Today, our fleet of insulated liquid asphalt and pneumatic trailers is vast and we have grown to now service road builders, asphalt plants, roofing shingle plants and refineries. With our superior on-time performance for top manufacturing companies it's no surprise that Dillon Transport is recognized as a prominent asphalt carrier servicing 25 states. We can satisfy any logistic needs with our day cab and sleeper fleet for short hauls and over the road.


Fleet Features –


  • Hundreds of insulated liquid asphalt trailers capable of carrying 450 degree hot oil
  • Six oil, bunker fuel and bottoms
  • Large pneumatic trailer fleet for filler, dust, granules and headlap
  • Light weight fleet with ability to safely carry 25 tons
  • Over 700 experienced and qualified company drivers


We carry a multitude of products in our pneumatic fleet from frac sand to ground glass. Being one of the most experienced, dedicated and efficient carriers in the industry for dry bulk delivery, we have a reputation for making deliveries happen – large or small, tight deadlines – we are there when our customers need us and deliver an exceptional customer service experience.


Fleet Features –


  • Huge fleet of late model pneumatic trailers servicing 25 states
  • Ability to efficiently deliver in 1040, 1200 and 1660 cubic foot capacities
  • Many of our trailers have blowers
  • Light weight fleet with ability to safely carry 27 tons
  • Over 700 experienced and qualified company drivers


Organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, depend on our dedicated fleet of trailers including, large capacity, dry double trailers to streamline chemical transport opportunities. We get the most out of to and from deliveries with the custom saddle back design to our dry double trailer. In addition, these trucks run on clean energy, compressed natural gas (CNG), so our customers benefit from minimizing the environmental impact. Dillon continues to deliver progressive capabilities to support our customers’ success.


Chemical Delivery Services Include –


  • Fertilizer
  • Granulated Fertilizer
  • Animal Feed
  • Multan Sulphur
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Pond Water
  • Sulfuric Acid


Fleet Features –


  • 21 Sulfuric Trailers
  • 27 Molten Sulphur Trailers
  • 5 Phosphoric Acid Trailers
  • 10 Pond Water Trailers
  • 8 Dry Double Trailers (fertilizer, animal feed)
  • Pneumatic Dry Bulk Trailers (fertilizer, animal feed)


We know our industry inside and out and are equipped to provide you a unique turnkey solution for your logistics.


From recruiting, to training drivers, to handling emergencies, to insurance, to safety, let Dillon Transport put its seamless process into place so you can focus on other key aspects of your business.




Logistics Solutions Partner Benefits –


Monetary Savings


  • Reduce company payroll
  • No out of pocket expense for company benefits
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Adds value to supply chain through efficiency and cost reduction


Time Savings


  • Quick handling of emergencies
  • Innovative technologies


Talent Savings


  • No need to recruit drivers
  • No worries over driver turnover


Growth Opportunities


  • Ability to take advantage of a specific transport opportunity
  • Focus on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best


Transloading Capabilities


  • Ensure safe and reliable care of the product while in our possession
  • Utilize our vast base of equipment to deliver product in a timely matter, based on customer needs









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